Food Hunk – Origin Story

Jeff Fountain, the Food Hunk, calls his Facebook page, parody. I call his story deeply moving, touching, inspirational, aspirational, a true American hero, a triumph of the human spirit…yeah, okay. Just read the damn post and follow him on Facebook for some biting sarcasm, epic parody, and all too real satire.

We Love GMOs and Vaccines Taken Down! Unacceptable!

Please Visit We Love GMOs And Vaccines And Show Your Support of Science! WLGV was a pro-science, Facebook page with 70,000+ followers. Apparently, enough people have complained that they found the page offensive. Or really, enough reports of offense. While their Facebook presence is gone, their website is still live. This is a sad day for science and free speech. I’ll let… Continue reading We Love GMOs and Vaccines Taken Down! Unacceptable!