Dr. Karen Becker – Facebook Celeb

Here’s another that keeps popping up in my Facebook feed. I’m immediately skeptical of someone who spouts the benefits of certain unproven products when they sell those same products. Also, everything you need to know about this women comes directly from her website. It contains links to the the anti-vaxxer National Vaccine Information Center and the Institute for Responsible Technology, an anti-GMO site. Really lends credence to your arguments, when you plaster badges to websites that fly in the face of science. Did I mention her site is part of Mercola?

Here’s some of her gems:

Better detox your pet’s liver with her recommended cleanse!


Don’t forget subluxation is necessary for innate intelligence!


Don’t want hummingbirds to get ADHD from a link that has been shown to be unproven in toddlers.


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